I’m gonna tell you a story…

…This one’s about living in Hull

dirty water

We are delighted to be getting cracking with HullSongs our Untold Hull project. Here’s something to set the scene. It’s The Fabulous Ducks’ version of the punk band of the 60’s – The Standell’s – river anthem, Dirty Water. Anyone who knows Ducks’ singer – and Red Guitars rhythm guitarist – John Rowley will know that John is indeed a fantastic story teller. Back in the Red Guitars days he kept us all well entertained during many tedious hours of driving between gigs on various Autobahns and autoroutes throughout Europe.

Just before you watch the video, here’s something else…after publishing our post about The Fabulous Ducks’ Dirty Water to set the HullSongs scene, another really interesting tale came to light. Rich bumped into Mark (The Legend) Kay who told him the story of how The Standell’s guitarist was from Hull. “Paul Downing was an upside down left handed guitarist (in the good company of Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Parsons), known to be the best guitarist in Hull, he could play both left and right handed equally as good. Even Mick Ronson used to go and watch Paul play.”  Who’d have thought it! Mark told Rich how he bought an amp from Paul – a ’61 Vox AC30 with a top boost. When Paul came back to visit his mum on Hotham Road he always tried to buy it back. I love that story.

So, Dirty Water, recorded live at a packed out Hull Adelphi club – hot,  sweaty, dancing all night, singing along, just how it should be.

“You know I love that dirty water, oh Kingston you’re my home!”

The Fabulous Ducks Originally Not Those Five Fabulous Ducks, although there were always at least six of them, they were formed to “have a good time and make money” and were still doing the former if not the latter when Hallam moved to Cape Town in 2006. Early doors they appeared under the pseudonym The Mysteron Brothers at a benefit for the Workers’ Revolutionary Party at the Spring Bank Community Centre after John Rowley was apprehended while fly-posting. The band’s club career died with an aborted gig at the Dixon’s Arms. Hugh Whittaker, ex-Housemartin and the only man known to have performed in his own tribute band took over from Matt Higgins around the turn of the Millenium. The occasional reunion when Hal comes to visit is always a treat.  Thanks to www.redguitars.co.uk

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