Graham Brady

Graham dazzled us when he started coming to Loudhailer Acoustic – like an edgy Paul Simon, but full of dark side stories, countered by infectiously catchy and dancey rhythms. There is something really special in Graham’s classy songwriting and low key persona. Graham’s song, Hometown, especially written for HullSongs and premiered at the launch concert is no exception. 

Hometown by Graham Brady

I’m Graham Brady. I was born in 1960 at 22 Grafton Street in Hull. I used to play my brothers guitar when I was about seven till it was destroyed in a horrendous accident when it was left at the bottom of the stairs and somebody stood on it. I used to write songs with my mate Pete Brady (no relation) when I was around 14 to fifteen. I was the singer and didn’t play guitar then. I’ve never rated myself as a singer but it’s what I seemed to be mostly in my early bands. I remember at around sixteen thinking I’d like to play an instrument properly which was lucky as from somewhere another guitar appeared so I strummed a bit when I was in sixth form GrahamI just needed an outlet and being arty I  started writing loads of words for songs. I never really played anyone else’s songs just my own as song writing and singing was a way of expressing myself and what I felt and so when I picked up a guitar I’d just drift off into my own world. I’ve been in various bands from heavy metal to alternative acoustic n harmony stuff. I won’t mention any of those bands as like ex partners I don’t want to dig stuff up and re live it weird eh but no. I like performing my own songs and am my own biggest critic. I want what I do to stand alongside anybody’s work. Some days I believe I’m really really good and others I don’t know what I think. A few years ago I started to have flamenco lessons not to be a flamenco artist but I’d reached a sticking point and learning a few new techniques can bring you on which is weird as most of my stuff is played with a plectrum but I can  do some mean fingers stuff anyway… I’m beginning to believe I’m good… thing is I know I can be  better than I am. Song writing comes in waves where I’m concerned. I don’t think I’ve ever written a song in less than six months. I get bits of things and stick them together or they just form into something organic as people like to say… I don’t really know what else to say. I already think I sound like a nutcase…ha oh other than more than anything else I think I’m a songwriter musician as that’s when I am at my happiest in doing something it’s what I love to do even though I wonder why I do it… does that make sense?”

Hometown © 2015 Graham Brady

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