Graham Graham Beck

When you spot a musician with a selection of crazy headgear setting up a Mad Scientist’s table of festival flags & glowsticks, chocolates, a test tube of red liquid and a vial of white powder it can only be one person. Yes, Graham Graham Beck is one of a kind and hugely entertaining. He has delighted the audience at Loudhailer Acoustic for many moons now, but it was a year or so after he first came to play that I realised he used to play in two bands featured in the long lost Red Guitars track, and live favourite – Almost. “Almost as good as… Ruby and the Takeaways, almost as good as… Addis and the Fliptops, almost as good as The Whole Wide World!” All I knew was that Wreckless Eric played in both bands, and I’d often wondered who his band mates were – what a revelation! Graham’s song ‘The Fridge – There’s A Bridge Over The River’ is especially written for HullSongs. Start off with Graham’s story about it below, and let your imagination free…

Graham Graham Beck – The alter-ego of Graham Beck. Keyboard player. Singer-songwriter. Performer with a ‘quirky edge’ (& stage props to match)…

Mad Scientist at work

The song, ‘The Fridge’ was especially written for the Hull Songs project. I wanted it to be ‘hum-able’ & a bit annoying – my answer to The Frog Chorus. I hope I’ve succeeded with that (Paul McCartney will be quaking in his boots!).

When I was an art student here in Hull (in the 1970’s), I used to cycle along Sculcoates/Wincolmlee to the college annexe on Craven Street – & later, Queens Gardens. There was a lot of bomb damage in evidence then, & plenty of old buildings, now long-gone. The river & it’s smells (including that of the tannery), stay with me. There used to be plenty of litter – & unfortunately, there still is (maybe not as much). The poster hoardings used to have ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ on them, amongst other things. It was a major campaign then, & should be brought back, so it’s in the song as a reminder.

We are all shaped by this world. I write songs based on my observations of life & exaggerate them slightly via my fevered imagination (which I do worry about some times), but without it, I wouldn’t be ‘The Man Of Heads’….Or would I?”

Here it is, The Fridge (Demo Version). Have a listen, sing along, and scroll down for lyrics and photos…

ggb lyrics

The Fridge

There’s a bridge over the river,
There’s a river over the bridge.
There’s a bridge over the river,
Where you dumped your fridge.

Chemical-spill into the water,
& washed it’s way into town,
White metal started rusting,
Turning the waters purple-brown.

Wrote on the fridge with a felt-tip,
Thought I’d christen it ‘King Canute’.
In the hope that the waters would subside,
Leaving frogs & a newt.

They got together in a chorus,
The Hull Amphibian Choir,
They sang as one whilst accompanied by
A cross-legged frog (playing a lyre),
& they sang…..

La-la-lah, la-la-la-lah,
La-la-lah, la-la-lah.
La-la-lah, la-la-la-la-lah,
La-la-lah, la-la-lah.

The tide kept turning,
The waters pulling back.
Revealing mud & silt & waste,
& an old Hoover vac.

There’s a bridge over the river,
There’s a river over the bridge.
There’s a bridge over the river,
Where you dumped your fridge.
….& your freezer…. ….& the TV
….& that pram….(from Aunt Pam)….
….& the cycle….& the mower….
Keep Britain Tidy,
Keep Britain Tidy,
Keep Britain Tidy.

Click on one of Graham’s alter images from Loudhailer Acoustic, and scroll through to see the full picture…

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