Catherine Scott

Catherine took Loudhailer Acoustic by storm in May 2015 enchanting the audience with her wickedly witty spoken word set. Her fantastically uplifting stories of growing older gracefully, office politics…and that particular cockerel are inspiring. We are delighted that Catherine has written I’m a Hullaholic especially for HullSongs.

I’m a Hullaholic


My name’s Catherine – and I’m a Hullaholic
Like all addictions it’s mainly habit
That’s what I believe
I can leave
Any time I like… I can just pack up and go
If I want to

I’ve done it before
Searched for something deeper… something … more
And though other cities are sometimes…quite good
To be honest they’re frankly.. well…never…quite good enough
So I come back
Because I want to

I’m a Hullaholic

This city fulfils my needs
My psychological, emotional, physical needs
It has history, art, music, theatre
It has… CULTURE!
And …people,
Wonderful, creative, kind, intelligent people
So I stay
Because I want to

It’s good ‘ere in ‘Ull
But don’t let anybody else know
Or they’ll all be ‘ere
Nickin’ our blokes and drinkin’ our beer
So ssshhhhhuuussshh, keep it a secret
But be proud…be Hullaholic

© 2015 Catherine Scott

Catherine Scott

Sometimes, the best things in life happen by chance.

I never expected to be a poet. I never intended to be a poet. And no-one is more surprised than me to find that here I am, in my 60’s, performing my poetry and loving it. So …how….why?

It started when I was attending a ‘page to stage’ play writing course at Hull Truck Theatre. The facilitator brought in the brilliant performance poet Joe Hakim to run a workshop. I went because I’d paid. It was one of those rare occasions in life when something fantastic happens out of the blue.

Joe was inspiring. I sweated over the homework to write a poem on ‘What Hull means to me.’ I came up with ‘It’s good innit?’ and ‘Who do they think they are?’ They are the first poems in my book ‘A Woman with a View’ published by Burning Eye Books.

Mostly I write about people their experiences, reactions and behaviour and then exaggerate it. I write about people because they fascinate me and have always been what makes me tick. I’ve been described as ‘Hull’s answer to Pam Ayers but darker and more edgy.’ I take that as a compliment and wish I were half as successful.
So…onwards and….sidewards…


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