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B/w CrewWe first worked with Redeye Feenix when we used to run the Grassroots Festival with our buddy David Okwesia. Earlier this year Redeye and I were running song and lyric writing workshops for Songs of Freedom at the Warren and Freedom to Tell Tales. We had a brilliant time. The young people were inspirational and wrote and recorded some excellent songs including an amazing collaborative piece which they performed at the Freedom Festival. There was lots of talk about living in Hull and at end of it we sat down and Redeye said, “It’s time I wrote something about Hull”. So, here it is, especially for Hullsongs. It’s brilliant to have Redeye on board, and awesome that he has put a crew together – with ::Si2::/Hull Graffiti, Piotr Infini Korczynski of City Elemenz and featuring Endoflevelbaddie’s Playa One aka Nigel Taylor, grandson of the legendary Ghanaian Afro-Beat funk guitarist, composer, arranger, bandleader, and producer. The track is produced and mastered by Kremlin Blakk. 

Hip upon Hull by Redeye Feenix and Crew feat PlayaOne

Redeye Feenix is an emcee/songwriter of 25 years who has always loved Hip Hop from the first time he heard Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Hijack, and Derek B, in addition to watching the classic Hip Hop movie Beat Street.  He then started breaking and body popping around 1984/85 and went on to record his first demo around 1988/89 at the Warren in Hull city centre. Since then, Hip Hop has played a massive part in his live performances throughout the city of Hull and has also recorded 2 mix tapes and 3 albums, one being with his crew Projekt Feenix. In June 2014 Redeye signed a distribution agreement with VOD Recordings, LLC and was featured on the critically acclaimed “Tear it Down” single produced by Jonathan Myles which was released on Vod Recordings, iTunes, Amazon, and worldwide in the summer of 2014. Redeye’s new single and video “Living Here” was released world wide in October 2014 followed by a four song EP which includes “I’m Back” and “Hip Hop’s Not Dead” in addition to the instrumental for “Living Here”. You can find plenty of free tracks to download and listen on Redeye Feenix’ Soundcloud
::Si2::/Hull Graffiti – Veteran of the UK graffiti scene first to do real graffiti art in Hull, apex predator original character artist paints for pleasure and profit for all walks of life in all sorts of places. Lives and loves Hip Hop culture who has always used graffiti as a form of creation not destruction prefers to let his vast body of work speak for him although to many people is known as the guy who paints the bins bringing humor and character to objects mostly ignored…

Piotr Korczynski aka ΙΝΦΝΙ( read INFINI) – 30 year old lad from Poland. Founder & Artistic Director of CITY ELEMENTZ- First Music Collective in Hull Focused on support in local URBAN /ELECTRONIC & EXPERIMENTAL music Scene in East Yorkshire and surrounding areas. Producer, Photographer, Filmmaker, Musician, Writer & Collector but mainly a Visionary that sees big potential in people and their talents in Hull City Of Culture 2017. An Open Minded Individual skilled in many roles making his first steps in Music & Art Industry Aiming to work close with Youngsters and debutants on the market.

Redeye Lyrics

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Producer Kremlin Blakk


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